Poster of a Girl is a feature film from writer and director Neill R Bell-Shaw starring Paula Berwanger and Tony Nakajima.

Rock goddess and two-times sexiest woman alive, Amy Williams, invites a uberfan and seventeen-year-old boy, Thomas, back to her hotel room for a night of sex and drugs but instead is faced with a young man more concerned with getting to know her than getting her into bed. As they discuss Amy’s career, sexuality, toxic-masculinity, and religion, it becomes clear that Amy is at her lowest point and she had something more extreme planned.

Poster of a Girl is an exploration of the damage fame can do at an early age. In Amy Williams, we have a rock star, who has never grown up, struggling to deal with adult problems. Over the course of one evening, we watch as her mask of fame slips away in front of a fan who loves her in a way she feels too broken to accept.

Filmed in Tokyo, at the Ichinichi hotel, Poster of a Girl was shot in just three days thanks to the dedication of its professional cast and crew.

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